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Formerly a subdivision of Muzaffarpur district, Sitamarhi was inaugurated as a district on December 11, 1972 by the then Bihar chief minister Late Kedar Pandey. Situated on the Indo-Nepal border, its population is around 25 lakh. Sitamarhi is said to be the birthplace of Hindu goddess Sita, also revered as Janaki. The legend has it that the King of Janakpur (in Nepal, 60 km from here), ploughed the land here to get rid of a devastating drought, and it was in the course of the ploughing that he stumbled upon an earthen pot out of which Sita emerged. Hence, the place came to be known as Sitamarhi.

Janaki Temple (Sitamarhi

About 1.5-kms off the Sitamarhi railway station and the bus stand, this temple is traditionally being considered to be the birthplace of Sita or Janaki, the daughter of King Janak. This temple, however, seems to be built about 100years ago.

Janaki Temple (Punaura)

 This temple is about 5-kms southwest of Sitamarhi.

Haleshwar Asthan

This is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva about 3-kms northwest of Sitamarhi. According to myths the King of Videha on the occasion of Putrayeshti Yajna, founded this temple.

Panth Pakar

An age-old banyan tree still stands here about 8-kms northeast of Sitamarhi. It is said that when Sita left Janakpur in a palanquin for Ayodhya after her marriage to Shri Ram, she was given rest for a while under this very banyan tree.


There is a famous temple of Lord Shiva at Pupri village, which is popularly known as Baba Nageshwarnath. It is said that the Lord had appeared here Himself.

Goraul Sharif

This is a Muslim pilgrimage, some 26-kms from the Sitamarhi town. The place is treated to be very sacred after Bihar Sharif and Phulwari Sharif.


One can visit the famous Janaki, Shiva and Parvati temples at Haleshwar Sthan, seven km from Sitamarhi, the district HQ town. Devotees as well as tourists visit these temples and the latter go on to see the famous Janakpur Dham in Nepal. The two cattle fairs – one on Navami during Navaratra in September-October and the other on `Vivah Panchami' in the winter – are held annually and attract thousands of visitors.
Nearest airports: Janakpur Dham, 60 km north; Patna, 150 km south.
Sitamarhi is situated 60 km north of Muzaffarpur and 70 km away from Darbhanga. It is well connected with road and is also on the railway map.
Quite a few budget hotels are around. They include
Hotel Sitayan, Phone: 250605
Hotel Kishore, Phone; 253288
Hotel Raj Kumar, Phone: 250347

In Emergency, Contact District Magistrate: 250515 (Res), 250439 (Off)
Superintendent of Police: 250421 (Res), 250526 (Off)
In Case of Medical Emergencies, Contact
Dr R A Sharma: 250499
Dr Sita Ram Singh: 251330
Dr Sanjay Singh: 254700
Dr Renu Chatterjee: 254650
October to March                                                                                                                                                                             

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