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 Bird Watching

Wild Life: Over the hills n through the trees...View the wildlife, enjoy the breeze. By saving wild animals we keep something special in this world which is curious to us and true to life,otherwise one day we will see only human beings, which is not special to anyone

Darter or Snake Bird(Anhinga melanogaster), local name-Baanwe. Status-Resident and local migratory.The near theatened species is a black water bird with silvery grey streaks on the back, velvety brown head and neck and dagger like bill. This bird is found in the rivers in different parts of Bihar and also in fresh water lakes like kawar lake.

The Greater Adjutant(Leptoptilos dubius),Local name-BadaGarur.status-Resident.This largest species of our storks is black,grey,and white in colour with long heavy yellow bill is categorized as endangered in the list of theatened species and known to breed only in Assam, Bihar and Cambodia. Global population of this bird is estimated not above 1000 and over 200are being recently reported from Bihar mainly from the kosi floodplains

The Lesser Adjutant (leptoptilos javanicus),Local name-Chota Garur states-Resident. This is a glossy black& white color large bird with long heavy yellow bill categorized as vulnerable in the list of threatened species. Overall world population of this bird is approx 5000 and approx 2000 in India out of this 600 to 700 are found in Bihar.

painted stork(Mycteria leucocephala).Local name -Janghil. Status- Resident and local migratory.Large white bird with delicate rose pink on shoulders and wings. It has a long heavy yellow bill. This bird is found in different parts of Bihar, like DanapurCantt. and wetlands of Gangetic plane.

Grey Heron(Ardea cinerea).Local name-Khyra.Status-Resident and local migratory. It is a large bird having a conspicuous black dotted line on mid fore neck&a long black occipital crest and elongated black streaked white feathers on breast. This is found in shallow water, lakes in different parts of Bihar



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